Case Study

Online Deals Site + Voyage

Find out how a popular online deals site grew revenue by combining A2P and P2P SMS.

6.4x Increase in Recovered Checkouts
89% Increase in Incremental SMS Communication
$289k Recovered Revenue in the first 6 months

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The Challenge

The online deals site was seeing success with its SMS marketing through the Voyage platform. They grew their SMS list to nearly 150,000 subscribers in less than a year and engaged with them regularly. But they wanted additional tactics to engage and convert potential customers via SMS outside of their existing application-to-person (A2P) only subscriber list.

The Solution

Enter LiveRecover by Voyage. Voyage functions as an application-to-person (A2P) platform. While LiveRecover by Voyage is a unique person-to-person (P2P) tool that utilizes a team of highly-trained live agents (aka brand ambassadors) to message every customer who provides their mobile phone number in the phone field at checkout.


Coupled with the Voyage platform, LiveRecover by Voyage proved to be incredibly valuable.

Deploying LiveRecover by Voyage alongside the Voyage platform would allow the online deals site to incrementally expand their reach and engagement via SMS by combining the power of P2P and A2P communication. The majority of SMS compliance regulations are similar across A2P and P2P messaging, but the TCPA does not expressly require written consent for person-to-person SMS. Compliance is our top priority — so you can send confidently.

P2P SMS Conversation
Bon Voyage

The Results

Over the course of six months, the online deals site saw 42,000 text messages sent via LiveRecover by Voyage. Only 11% of these were to existing subscribers on Voyage — meaning that 89% of these communications were incremental.

In addition to the $100,000 captured by Voyage via browse abandon automations, the messages sent through LiveRecover by Voyage lead to 1,800 recovered checkouts (a 6.4x increase) that translated into over $289,000 in revenue.

Download the Case Study PDF

Recovered Revenue in the first 6 months


Increase in Recovered Checkouts


Increase in Incremental SMS Communication


Recovered Checkouts from Live Agents

Bon voyage

Your Voyage to SMS growth starts today.

Get started with LiveRecover by Voyage and see the difference the human element can make for your business. Install in your Shopify store today.