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With constantly evolving SMS compliance and deliverability protocols, Voyage’s goal is to protect your SMS marketing and commerce programs to the fullest extent possible.


Compliance is our top priority — so you can send confidently.

Taking a compliance-first approach to your SMS marketing program also means you’re taking a customer-first approach. This is why we're deeply committed to compliance here at Voyage. After all, our mission is to create the most delightful experiences for you and your customers— so it's fundamental and necessary to prioritize compliance. Unlike other companies that offer SMS marketing solutions, Voyage has never received a legal citation from any regulatory body.

"Voyage helps clients communicate in full compliance with the TCPA, CTIA and other regulatory bodies that may govern application-to-person and person-to-person communications, including text messaging marketing. We want to empower brands to engage effectively, embracing the additional technology and processes it takes to get them there."

Corey Epstein
CEO of Voyage SMS
Compliance-focused team & tech
Best-in-class and compliance-verified.

The Voyage platform enforces compliance from opt-in to opt-out and everything in-between. We have dedicated resources consistently canvassing the SMS regulatory landscape, and we always embed relevant updates into our service and product accordingly.

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Abundantly clear and detailed SMS opt-in elements.

Explicit Opt-In and Express Consent

Many SMS opt-in methods offer a discount in exchange for signing up. The language in these opt-ins must be explicitly clear that the individual is also enrolling in a promotional SMS program. If any ambiguity exists, it could lead to the individual claiming their consent was not valid (i.e., that the subscriber did not clearly authorize you to deliver ongoing advertisements via text).

In the Voyage platform, the pre-populated opt-in text message for every list building method deployed includes the language “receive other exclusive SMS messages” — which eliminates ambiguity and protects your brand from claims of invalid consent.

Default and Required Double Opt-Ins

For brands looking to double down on opt-in validation, Voyage defaults to double opt-ins across all of our SMS list building methods. Voyage encourages brands to use this quick, double validation option to ensure their subscribers give consent clearly, reducing all possible compliance issues.

The Voyage platform automatically activates double opt-ins for list-building methods that require it, including keyed-in entry and Keyword campaigns.

Fully Transparent Data and Reporting

The robust reporting capabilities inside the Voyage platform ensure that you know when and by which method every subscriber has opted-in to an SMS program.

SMS Sending

Automatically comply with regulated Quiet Hours.

Voyage helps brands avoid mistakenly sending texts during regulated quiet hours by automatically holding those sends. Your scheduled texts are automatically paused and placed in a queue to be sent when quiet hours are over, ensuring strict compliance.

Unlike other SMS platforms, Voyage does not allow overriding of quiet hours so no mistakes can be made that jeopardize your sending reputation.


All-encompassing opt-out options.

Standard Opt-out Keywords

In accordance with TCPA and industry guidelines, Voyage automatically includes a list of opt-out keywords within each account that will lead to being unsubscribed (none of which are case sensitive): STOP, Unsubscribe, Cancel, Stopall, End, Quit, Arret (Canada), and Opt Out.

Besides including the mandatory and standard keywords for quickly opting out of text campaigns, Voyage encourages brands to include common misspellings of these opt out keywords with your campaigns and confirming if the intent was to opt out when they come through. Offering these extra safety net opt-out keywords ensures thoughtful customer experience at every engagement, even when they are stepping away from your text campaigns.

Fuzzy Opt-outs

Not all responses from a subscriber are an explicit opt-out like “STOP”, sometimes they are “Please stop messaging me” (or more unsavory). Our platform works to detect these types of opt-out messages that are not as clear in their intent and remove the Subscriber from your lists.

Our system also is tuned to infer intent vs simple keyword matching. For example, “Please cancel my order” contains a keyword, but will not remove the Subscriber for your list.

In the event our system has low-confidence in the message's intent, we will send a reply to the Subscriber, “It appears that you may want to opt-out. Please text STOP to confirm, otherwise ignore this message.”

Cross-channel Opt-outs

Attention should be paid to the potential for receiving opt-outs via other channels of communication. For example, brands may receive opt-out requests from subscribers who are physically present in a store, send an email or DM, or place a telephone call. Voyage mandates that all opt-out requests be provided to us in a timely manner to reflect these opt-outs in the platform.

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