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Voyage Professional Services

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Consulting services for SMS success.

Voyage SMS offers brands a full suite of services to ensure maximized channel optimization. With U.S. mobile commerce expected to reach $1 trillion by 2027, and 80% of consumers reporting a sub-optimal experience shopping on their mobile devices, it's time to take SMS seriously.

With the consulting services from our DTC eCommerce experts on board, your marketing team can drive revenue and cultivate customer delight for your brand through smarter, optimized SMS.

SMS Strategy
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Managed Services
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Creative and Developer Services
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SMS Strategy

Navigating your Voyage.

Voyage brands see an average of 30x ROAS. Some brands see north of 100X!

There's a reason for this runaway success. Unlike other SMS platforms ordered by executives, Voyage was built by marketers and technologists – for today's sophisticated marketers.

We love a coupon code, but that's just the start of what SMS can do.

When you partner through Voyage Professional Services with our industry-proven, award-winning team of strategists, engineers and creatives, you gain the entirety of our digital marketing and SMS strategic expertise.

Voyage Compass SMS Strategy
Voyage Compass Digital Marketing Audit
Surveying the landscape

Setting course with a 360° digital marketing audit.

As part of Voyage Professional Services, our digital marketing experts can perform an audit of your full digital marketing ecosystem. SMS works best when synced to your entire sales and marketing pipeline.

Through this audit, our team will help you:

Identify KPIs

Analyze vertical(s)-specific benchmarks

Provide a full view of opportunities and optimizations

From this baseline, our SMS and eCommerce consulting team can help your brand formulate an incisive strategy for smarter SMS marketing.

Meeting you where you are

Creating strategy from foundational to advanced.

List Building

Our List Building consultations through Voyage Professional Services takes the sort of service you see with our custom, on-brand modals to the next logical step. With assistance from our teams of developers and creatives, we'll set you up with A/B tests, benchmarks, and best practices to optimize your SMS lists.


With unlimited Keywords, it can seem daunting to unlock the full potential of our SMS List Building and Segmentation tool. Using proven examples from other brands, the Professional Services team guides you towards leveraging campaigns on the web, IRL, and more, so you can race ahead of the SMS competition.


One thing we want to see more of out on the open seas of SMS marketing is smarter and more precise segmentation. This is where your Voyage experience differs from what those other rudderless SMS marketing platforms offer. We'll get you started on ways both perfectly logical (see Automations) and creative (ahoy, micro-marketing to VIP lists) to segment better.


Voyage brands earn $97 per $1 spent on Automated Drip messaging. With the agility of our data structures and deep integrations leading the way, our team consults with you on converting high-intent prospects through targeted, optimized Automations, including Browse Abandonment, Abandoned Cart and Custom Event triggered programmatic messaging.

Managed Services

Charter your Voyage.

If all of the above sounds like smooth sailing, but you want more guidance on your SMS journey, Voyage Professional Services can also be utilized as a managed service.

Raise the flag for help anytime, and our team of DTC and marcom experts will be there to work with your existing team and/or infrastructure to:

Build and maintain your SMS marketing calendar

Create and execute Campaigns and Automations.

Measure, analyze, iterate and optimize

Prefer a more flexible approach? Break out whatever services you might need by choosing from the below options.

Voyage Compass Managed Services
Creative and Developer Services

SMS shipbuild.

At Voyage, we don't leave you to row it alone with your SMS marketing. Development resourcing should never block your brand from capitalizing on the highest-quality channel of SMS. Our team has built and managed over 200 eCommerce stores, collectively. Our engineering leaders are plugged into talent pipelines that your brand can leverage to ramp up quickly.

And when it comes to creative, don't forget the human in the loop when focusing on SMS campaign structure and targeting. With data leading the way, Voyage's creative team can steer you towards messaging and imagery that engages, converts, and delights. Hello, ROAS.

Voyage Compass Creative and Developer Services
Voyage Compass Creative Services
Creative and messaging

Design and messaging from our team of experts.

Design: From Our Award-Winning In-House Team
List building often starts (but definitely doesn't end) with on-brand subscription modals. Through Voyage Professional Services, our expert design team 🖌️, account managers 👔, and in-house developers 👨💻 will create these for and with you.

Messaging: Our D2C Creatives Craft Your Copy
With detailed data and benchmarks informing optimized messaging, our copywriters will get you started with One-Time Campaign and Automated Drip copy that converts . Some messages work better with images than others. At other times, GIFs might convert better. We can help with these assets, too.


Become an SMS development powerhouse.

Custom SMS Development Services

Voyage is flexible at its core, integrating easily with leading and custom ECPs and other data architectures and software. This flexibility also means we can develop custom SMS solutions for any business need, including for any integrations your brand requires that we don't already support.

eCommerce Development Support

If other eCommerce pipeline challenges are holding you back from fully-optimized SMS, our Senior Engineers can help you correct course here, too. With extensive experience in major eCommerce platforms, the Voyage Professional Services consulting team can assist with backlogged eCommerce development tasks.

Customer Data Architecture and Custom Events

Your Voyage Professional Services data team pairs acquisition experts with our engineers. Together, they can assist in building Data Architectures and Custom Events to help customize your customer journey, based on your brand's unique business needs — enabling personalized 1:1 messaging at scale, which is what Voyage is all about.

Voyage together

Our crew is your crew.

At Voyage, our True North is empowering brands to build greater LTV through continued customer delight. We know SMS marketing is just the first phase of the future of message commerce 🚢.

With the highest open rates around, and subscriber lists that have proven at least 3X more valuable 👑 than any other channel, we believe we have a responsibility to truly partner with brands to text better – and to protect and respect the value of SMS as a channel.

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