A plan that grows with you.


  • $0.01 Fee per SMS

  • $0.03 Fee per MMS

  • + Carrier Fees

*Minimum $250 platform spend per month. 10x ROAs guaranteed if minimum platform spend not hit via messaging billing.


Year Commitment
  • $0.0085 Fee per SMS

  • $0.0275 Fee per MMS


Year Commitment
  • $0.0075 Fee per SMS

  • $0.0255 Fee per MMS

Performance Based

Interested in
performance-based pricing?

We are trialing this model with a subset of qualified companies whereby we charge you based on how much revenue you generate via SMS. We win only when you and your consumers win. It’s that simple. Contact us for more information.

We've been clients for 1.5+ years and have been thrilled with the easy-to-use dashboard and excellent customer support. Voyage was an easy choice to make, and an even easier reason to stay!

Ellie Jarboe


The Voyage team constantly improves their product and is highly receptive to suggested features; which has been instrumental as we have grown our SMS channel. Thanks to Voyage, SMS has regularly been one of our best-performing channels in terms of ROAS and CTRs.

Garrett Scanlon

Dr. Squatch

E-Commerce marketing moves fast and the Voyage team moves faster. From strategy guidance to rapid-paced lead gen modal designs and deployment, we've always had instant assistance when needed.

Troy Petrunoff


Client Service

Our Dedicated Client Service Team is here to help make you successful by supporting your campaign launches, answering questions, or building custom features for your business needs. We prioritize your needs to maximize impact and ROI for your business

Quickly grow your new or existing SMS list with our custom html designed modal and unlimited keyword campaigns. Quickly see the increase in engagement and conversions.
Account Strategy and Best Practices
Voyage continually refines and shares best practices from secret sale emails to optimal campaign frequency and composition to maximize your ROAS
Reporting and Optimization
Voyage provides marketing teams with full access to custom reports that are configured via Voyage’s internal business intelligence tools

Thank you, we’ll be in touch!

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