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Birthdate Co. + Voyage

Discover how Birthdate Co. leveraged Segmentation inside Voyage to make the stars align.

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The Challenge

Products as personalized as Birthdate Co. demand equally personalized customer targeting capabilities. Ensuring every customer gets the right message at the right time was a top priority for Birthdate Co.’s leadership and marketing team.

The Solution

With Voyage as their partner, Birthdate Co. utilized fully customized, on-brand Modals to grow their SMS subscribers. Then, they deployed powerful Segmentation and Campaigns to text the right message to the right customer at the right time.


“With Voyage’s powerful and user friendly Segmentation tools, we can confidently target the right customer at the right time leading to increased engagement and maximized conversions.”

Ajay Mehta, CEO of Birthdate Co.
Birthdate Co Mobile Modal
Bon Voyage

The Results

Birthdate Co. adopted SMS to supplement existing channels and achieved 35% monthly subscriber growth through Voyage’s custom-designed opt-in modals. Through highly-targeted weekly horoscope SMS campaigns, Birthdate Co. saw CTRs of over 20%.

Download the Case Study PDF

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