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Everything Kitchens + Voyage

Find out how Everything Kitchens delights customers and grows revenue with Back-in-Stock notifications.

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The Challenge

Everything Kitchens was making gains with the Voyage platform — both in SMS list growth through custom Modals, as well as increases in engagement and conversions through SMS Campaigns and Drip automations. But, as a company that’s committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and customer service, they wanted a way to enhance the customer experience at a historically dead-end of the customer journey: sold out products.

The Solution

Enter Back-in-Stock notifications from Voyage. With the Back-in-Stock feature, Everything Kitchens could automatically display a back-in-stock button on product pages that allows customers to sign up for texts. Whenever a product is sold out, a button is automatically displayed with a “Text me when available” CTA. So instead of visitors hitting a dead-end, they are prompted to join the SMS list and get notified of when the product returns.


The Back-in-Stock feature from Voyage has allowed Everything Kitchens to make huge improvements in customer experience, grow their SMS list, and increase revenue.

Back-in-Stock Opt-in
Bon Voyage

The Results

In the first 4 months of using Back-in-Stock notifications, Everything Kitchens sent over 3,000 back-in-stock messages that generated over $6,000 in revenue — and achieved 161x return on advertising spend (ROAS).

In the last 30 days, Everything Kitchens sent 715 back-in-stock messages with a 12% conversion rate that generated over $1,200 in revenue. In addition, there are over 1,000 people awaiting back-in-stock notifications. Overall, Back-in-Stock opt-ins have contributed to more than 10% of Everything Kitchens’ total SMS subscriber list.

Download the Case Study PDF

Revenue Generated from Back-in-Stock Messages


Conversion Rate (CVR)


Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)

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