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Lokai + Voyage

Find out how Lokai delighted customers with back in stock texts.

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The Challenge

Demand for the latest Lokai design can accelerate quickly. When the brand sold out of their "The Child" Star Wars bracelet, leadership wanted to ensure they did the most they could to convert dangling sales leads when the product was back in stock.

The Solution

With Voyage as their partner, Lokai created a "Star Wars" Keyword Campaign that customers could text to opt-in. Then, Lokai utilized Segmentation to send a notification to these customers when "The Child" Stars Wars bracelet was back in stock.


With Voyage's powerful segmentation and dependable deliverability leading the way, Lokai successfully delivered on a promise to a passionate, dedicated customer segment — and saw out of this world results.

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Bon Voyage

The Results

Lokai's back-in-stock text secured a CTR of 70.23% (unique clicks), against a Fashion/ Apparel benchmark of 5.59%. The CVR for the text was 36.83%, for a 20,000% increase over industry benchmarks. Their ROAS was about 916X.

Download the Case Study PDF

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