Case Study

Moon Pod + Voyage

This is how Moon Pod used Voyage to build community.

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The Challenge

Beginning a message commerce and SMS marketing journey can be daunting, especially for a company experiencing rapid growth like Moon Pod. Their leadership team wanted to build a new revenue stream while engaging subscribers at all stages.

The Solution

With Voyage as their partner, Moon Pod grew subscribers with fully-customized, on-brand Modals. Then, Moon Pod engaged their subscribers at every stage of the customer journey with powerful Segmentation and multi-message Drips.


“Voyage has allowed us to unlock revenue while engaging our subscribers on every level. The platform grows with us, and SMS has quickly become a key driver of our marketing and growth strategies.”

Sunny Gosain, General Manager of Moon Pod
Moon Pod Mobile Modal
Bon Voyage

The Results

Moon Pod chose Voyage to begin their message commerce and SMS marketing journey. In Q1, Moon Pod saw subscriber growth of over 65%. Moon Pod has made over $185 for every dollar spent with Voyage.

Download the Case Study PDF

Q1 Subscriber Growth


made for every $1 spent with Voyage

Bon voyage

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