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Wealthshare + Voyage

Find out how Wealthshare used Segmentation to achieve an 85% click-through rate on their SMS Drip Automations.

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The Challenge

Wealthshare was looking for an automated way to engage with new subscribers on Patreon while saving time and driving more Patrons.

The Solution

Using powerful Segmentation and Drips inside the Voyage platform, Wealthshare launched a 3:2:2 waterfall Drip sequence.


Instead of sending every message in the Drip to every subscriber, Wealthshare deployed a 3:2:2 waterfall Drip sequence that first sent a series of three messages.

If a subscriber clicked on any of the three initial messages, they received two more. Finally, if they engaged with the second set, they received the final two messages in the sequence.

Bon Voyage

The Results

After launching the three Drips (Welcome Flow, Welcome Flow - Engaged Users, and Welcome Flow - Double Engaged Users), Wealthshare saw incredible click-through rates. The second Drip, Welcome Flow - Engaged Users, achieved a 48% CTR. The final Drip, Welcome Flow - Double Engaged Users, had a CTR of 85%.

Download the Case Study PDF

Click-through Rate on 2nd Drip in Welcome Flow


Click-through Rate on 3rd Drip in Welcome Flow

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