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Dashboard Facelift


Dashboard Facelift

This week on Voyage, we've made dashboard improvements, released the LoyaltyLion integration, and updated the app with more fixes and improvements.

Dashboard Improvements

We’ve updated our dashboard chart designs to give you better insights into your existing SMS messaging data. Dashboard summaries now include Active Subscribers and Unsubscribes in addition to New Subscribers. Brands can view more nuanced data regarding your subscriber base growth and engagement over time with these additional dimensions.

LoyaltyLion Integration

Rewards programs are an increasingly important part of any direct-to-consumer company’s customer journey, and now Voyage lets you integrate rewards information into your SMS campaigns via LoyaltyLion. With our new LoyaltyLion integration, your team can segment campaigns by a customer’s rewards tier, point total, and much more. You can also personalize your messages with rewards information for each specific subscriber. Learn more about how to set up your integration here.

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved logic for campaign cloning workflow
  • Faster campaign activation and deactivation
  • SMS message rates now visible in account settings
  • CSV exports support multiple countries, and new subscriber splits
  • Improved phone search for Live Conversions
  • Updated Shopify Integration to most recent API changes
  • Updated custom date range UI to ensure a seamless experience
  • Archived segments now not shown as selections in campaign creation
  • Minor bug fixes for clients using BigCommerce Click-to-Buy integration
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