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Preview: Magento Plugin


Preview: Magento Plugin

This week, we opened preview access to our Magento Plugin that allows easy installation and use of our functionality for Magento stores.

When we built our platform, we focused on empowering brands using Shopify to power their stores. Yet, as we grew, we kept hearing from more and more brands that they too wanted to use Voyage without using their internal development resources to integrate with our API. So we got to work, and today we are excited to announce that we are opening up access to our Magento Plugin as a Voyage Preview feature. This means that brands using Magento will be able to easily install ( manual install during preview ) and use Voyage to build delightful messaging experiences for their customers! To access the preview, please fill out our Magento Preview Request form.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved UX for new users across our platform via informational banners
  • Added additional dynamic variables to message composer for new functionality coming soon: Product Name, SKU, Product URL, and Product Quantity
  • Improved identifying messages from automated systems and not replying to them
  • Improved functionality for those using older versions of Chrome and Safari
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