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Ding! Increase Subscribers and Sales with Back-in-Stock Notifications


Ding! Increase Subscribers and Sales with Back-in-Stock Notifications

Our new Back-in-Stock feature transforms the customer experience — and helps you increase SMS subscribers and sales.

For your customers, nothing is more frustrating than getting to a product only to see it is out of stock. The burden is often placed on them to come back and refresh over and over hoping to catch when you increase inventory for the item they desire. We wanted to fix this.

With Back-in-Stock notifications, you can automatically install a button on your site for your customers to subscribe for restock notifications. Voyage will monitor your inventory, and when it increases, we will send out a text with a link right to the product. 

In building this feature, we took into consideration the customer experience – most platforms spam your customers with back-in-stock messages. By the time they get to the page, they are left disappointed that it is sold out again. To improve the experience, you can batch send notifications and stop sending when inventory reaches zero again, increasing the odds that when someone receives the notification, they are likely to order the product they desire. 

We have a lot more planned for the feature! Get started with Back-in-Stock today by requesting preview access here.

Other Improvements

  • UI improvements to Drips Builder and Message Composer
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