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LoyaltyLion is a market-leading, data-driven loyalty and engagement platform powering eCommerce growth. They help over 10,000 ecommerce merchants worldwide create long-lasting customer relationships via fully customized loyalty programs. Work with LoyaltyLion to increase customer lifetime value by motivating shoppers to repeat purchase through a unique combination of points, rewards and tiers.

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A LoyaltyLion loyalty program is highly customizable—meaning you can offer shoppers an on-brand loyalty experience at every stage of the customer journey.


LoyaltyLion’s dashboard provides meaningful customer insights that allow you to continually optimize your loyalty program and see better results from all your marketing efforts.

Loyalty Experts

LoyaltyLion’s product and team are committed to helping merchants create the best loyalty programs in eCommerce.


Why LoyaltyLion x Voyage

SMS gives you an immediate and personal way to communicate with your customers. Use Voyage’s powerful Segmentation capabilities to send targeted, personalized messages to your loyalty program members. This consistently personalized experience allows you to foster deeper emotional connections between your customers and your brand—and ultimately improve your customer lifetime value (CLTV).

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