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Blueprints for Compliant SMS List Growth
SMS Marketing Best Practices

Blueprints for Compliant SMS List Growth

We'll cover the anatomy of compliant SMS opt-ins and messages, elements that go into compliant list growth, and the required details needed to keep your messages from making disruptive waves.

June 22, 2022

A Breakdown of Elements Needed for Compliant SMS Subscriber Growth

Whether you’re new to SMS marketing or a long-time user, maintaining strict compliance should be the top priority for every message and campaign you design. We’ve covered the Marketer’s Guide to SMS Compliance, giving you an in-depth report on all SMS regulating bodies and rules that keep consumers safe and brands compliant. 

To properly launch any SMS list growth initiative, you need to understand the anatomy of a compliant SMS opt-ins and messages. We’ve broken down each of the elements that go into compliant list growth and flagged the required details needed to keep your messages from making disruptive waves.

The Blueprint of a Compliant SMS Opt-ins

1. Authorization Messaging ✅

Your Modal and CTA should have explicit messaging for authorizing future recurring automated text messages for personalized, promotional marketing. The CTA should match the intent of the campaign and set expectations on the types of messages and frequency the subscribers will receive them.

2. Authorized Phone Numbers 📱

Desktop Modals (2a) should include a properly formatted phone number form and language that this is the phone number being opted into the communication. Mobile Modals (2b) should include the phone number you are now authorizing to text you.

3. Condition of Purchase 🚫

TCPA regulations state that consumers do not need to provide their phone numbers and give their consent to receive auto dialer SMS messages before they are allowed to purchase with a seller. Explicitly include language that “consent is not a condition of purchase” to adhere to these requirements.

4. Message and Data Rates 💸

More required language needs to be included that “message and data rates may apply” with this initial opt-in language. By joining your SMS program, receiving future messages will count towards whatever text allotments subscriber cellular plans have.

5. Terms & Privacy Policies 🔎

To ensure your relationship with your subscribers is subject to a binding Terms of Service Agreement and Privacy Policy, hyperlink your terms and privacy policies for easy review.

6. Matching Automated Opt-In Text 📲

For Mobile Modals that populate a drafted text to opt-in, include messaging that matches the modal messaging and expectations. Make the opt-in as simple as hitting send

7. Sender Identification 👤

This might seem obvious, but make sure your confirmation message for opt-in and all other messages include your brand name. 

8. Double Opt-in ‼️

For brands looking to double down on opt-in validation, we suggest defaulting to double opt-ins across all of your SMS list building methods. Double opt-ins ensure your subscribers give consent clearly, reducing all possible compliance issues.

9. Clear Confirmation 🔦

Reiterate what the subscriber has opted into and that the message frequency is recurring. (And be sure to take the moment to thank them!)

10. Required Support Keywords ℹ️

Include the required HELP and STOP keywords to ensure they can easily opt-out or request support if they should need it.

*11. Follow Up Welcome Message Bonus ✨ 

Not required, but definitely recommended – follow up your opt-in confirmation text with a campaign-specific welcome message or MMS. This is your first impression so use the opportunity to delight your newest subscriber with a beautifully branded welcome aboard.

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