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Powering Personalized SMS Marketing with BigCommerce Data
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Powering Personalized SMS Marketing with BigCommerce Data

Voyage SMS offers the best-in-class features and functionality that allow your brand to generate stronger customer experiences and relationships through a seamless integration with your BigCommerce Platform.

April 21, 2022

Harness a Powerful BigCommerce SMS Integration for Higher Conversion and Deeper Customer Connection 

Your BigCommerce data is a treasure trove of information that can act as the catalyst for incredible customer interactions — but only when paired with the right SMS platform.

Voyage SMS offers the best-in-class features and functionality that allow your brand to generate stronger customer experiences and relationships through a seamless integration with your BigCommerce Platform. 

Activate the Deepest BigCommerce SMS Integration in Minutes 

Effortlessly leverage your BigCommerce data for deeper customer connections with Voyage. Grow your SMS subscriber list quickly, easily, and compliantly — wherever your audience lives.

Engage the right subscribers with the right messages at the right time with Voyage’s seamless integration and powerful features.

🗺️ Develop Personalized Journeys

Sync your BigCommerce data – like contact and order information – to Voyage and drive micro-marketing at scale. Voyage’s BigCommerce integration delivers robust segmentation for the most personalized customer journeys. 

✨ Deliver Polished Customer Experiences 

Craft seamless customer engagements and drive conversions with Voyage. Harness Voyage-exclusive features like dynamic Click-to-Buy links that take subscribers directly to your checkout. 

🛍️  Create Compelling Campaigns with Dynamic Content

Connect your BigCommerce product catalog with Voyage, giving easy access to build product-specific SMS campaigns and incorporate your catalog content easily within your SMS and MMS texts.

🛒 Engage At Every Stage

Utilize synced BigCommerce event data on adds to cart, started checkouts, placed orders, and more - triggering personalized SMS drips that let you engage with customers at every step in their journey. 

Our turn-key BigCommerce integration lets you deliver these delightful experiences for you and your customers in just a matter of minutes. The seamless integration will have your customer attributes, events, and your product catalog all synced and ready to drive micro-marketing at scale right away.

Delight Customers by Sending BigCommerce Transactional Texts through Voyage SMS

Keep your BigCommerce customers in the know with the latest updates by sending your transactional texts through Voyage. Keep them informed on the status of their latest purchase, update them when their shipments are started, and instantly confirm order status changes.

  • Order Confirmations: Send instant order confirmations to the palm of customers' hands with Voyage. A detailed purchase experience can lead to return purchases and customer loyalty.
  • Shipment Notifications: Tracking products through shipping updates is a core component of delivering a seamless customer experience, and Voyage makes sending shipment updates simple. 
  • Order Cancellation Confirmations: Nurture your customer experiences and increase customer satisfaction with instant confirmation for order cancellations.
  • Order Refund Confirmations: Give customers peace of mind that their refund has been delivered successfully. A successful refund can lead to conversion on future purchases. 

Drive Conversion Rates with Voyage SMS BigCommerce Abandonment Campaigns

Increase conversion rates for abandoned browse, carts, and checkouts in your BigCommerce store. Re-engage with lost conversion opportunities and drive customer engagement through Voyage’s powerful integration.

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The Voyage SMS + BigCommerce Difference

It’s not always about reach, ROI, and the bottom-line. At Voyage, we understand that brands also measure success on the sustained health and happiness of their customer relationships and user experiences. 

At Voyage our eyes are on the horizon, always focusing on delight and customer satisfaction, which drive customer lifetime value. With Voyage Compass we offer brands a full suite of services to ensure maximized channel optimization. 

Voyage Compass consulting services from our BigCommerce experts on board help your team navigate your marketing from strategy to deployment with:

  • 360-degree full digital marketing ecosystem audits
  • Marketing managed services for creating, executing, and optimizing campaigns and automations
  • Audience assistance and guidance for list building, keyword development, segmentation setup.
  • Creative design and messaging, including custom modals and campaigns
  • Development services for custom SMS, BigCommerce platform and custom events support, and customer data architecture

Discover how to get your SMS marketing initiative up and running and set up for success. In the SMS Marketing Guide for BigCommerce Stores, we'll cover everything your BigCommerce store needs from stern to bow. Download the guide right here!

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