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Just Docked: A/B Testing for Campaigns


Just Docked: A/B Testing for Campaigns

This week, we’ve made A/B Testing for Campaigns available for all users, revamped the Integrations catalog, and released other improvements.

We previously announced the launch of our beta for Campaign A/B testing. After receiving great feedback and ironing out a few bugs, we’re now excited to announce that Campaign A/B testing is available for all our users! 

You can now create up to 4 variants of a Campaign and send them to a test audience. Our system will measure the click-through rate for each variant in real-time to then determine the best performing message and send it to the remaining subscribers on your list. 

New Integrations Catalog

We completely revamped our Integrations catalog to make it easier to find and navigate all your integrations. Besides enhancing the overall look and feel of the catalog, we added the ability to search integrations and improved the UX of setting up an integration. In line with much of our work so far this year, this update lays the foundation for upcoming functionality.

Other Improvements

  • UTM Tags are now global, and can be enabled across all campaigns
  • If your customer is already subscribed to a list, they will now receive a message reminding them they are already subscribed
  • Deep Links and Two-Tap now support fallbacks for customers clicking on Desktop
  • Added the ability to expose total orders from Shopify in the Segment builder
  • Fixed a bug when trying to schedule a Follow-Up campaign within 24 hours from the original campaign
  • Added new filters “greater than” and “less than” for all date-based filters in the Segment builder
  • Fixed a bug where it wasn’t possible to search Klaviyo campaigns in the Segment builder
  • Improved our Shopify data importing process
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