The Voyage Difference

Creating Premium, Bespoke Brand Experiences

A foundational element in The Voyage Difference is our belief in doing what maximizes value for you as a customer. We don’t view customer activities as a cash-grab. Instead, we’re focused on creating premium value for you — whether that’s growing your SMS subscriber list, increasing revenue, or improving retention.

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A difference you can see

Voyage vs. Attentive

We combine the art and science of our team and technology to create continuous and compounding delight for you and your customers. Our best-in-class, brand-first approach is customized to you — not us.

Custom On-brand Modals

Every Voyage brand gets two custom opt-in Modals (one for mobile and one for desktop) handcrafted by our award winning in-house creative design team. These modals are designed specifically to match your brand aesthetic and integrate with any email service provider to support both email and phone number opt-ins. Our Compass team is hands on with you to A/B test different modal variants to ensure you have the highest converting modals live upon launch of your SMS program with Voyage.

Generic Template Modals

Attentive uses templated Modals for their clients — which results in both lower impression to click rates and lack-luster, obtrusive, off-brand experiences on client websites.

Voyage Two-tap Anywhere
Voyage Two-tap Anywhere SMS Opt-in

Voyage Two-Tap Anywhere is an embeddable button code that you can add to your website and your custom Modals with full attribution tracking in the Voyage platform. When your customer clicks a Two-Tap Anywhere button on their mobile device, a text message automatically opens that allows them to opt-in to your SMS list.

‍One Voyage client included a Two-Tap Anywhere button in a dynamic footer on their website to effortlessly increase frictionless SMS opt-ins.

Keyed Entry SMS Opt-in

Attentive does not provide a turnkey two-tap button code option in its platform. Attentive clients must use template Attentive modals and/or Attentive restrictive API for keyed-in entry, a subpar and lower converting opt-in method for mobile website visitors.

Custom URL
Branded URLs

With Voyage, you’ll never miss a branding opportunity. The URL you include in your SMS messages can be customized to your company (instead of serving as product placement for ours).

Non-branded URL

Every time you include a link in your SMS marketing with Attentive, it acts as free advertising for their platform.

Custom Welcome Messages & flows
Custom Welcome Flows

Your brand voice and compliant practices can and should live together harmoniously. With Voyage, you create custom welcome messages and flows that include all of the necessary compliance elements while still representing your brand flawlessly. Our Compass team will work with you to craft the perfect on-brand welcome series to maximize the impact of the launch of your SMS program.

Generic SMS Welcome Flows

The first impression given to subscribers to brands on Attentive is generic where welcome series messages are nearly identical across all of their brands.

Custom Drips
Deep Integrations and Custom Events

The Voyage approach to Drips is both an art and science. Our Compass team, comprising seasoned eCommerce marketers, crafts copy based on your unique brand voice. Voyage then couples that with our sophisticated data modeling capabilities and deep integrations to deploy targeted, optimized automations including Browse Abandonment, Abandoned Cart, Abandoned Checkout and Custom Event triggered programmatic messaging — all with dynamic product images and Click-to-Buy links, maximizing your overall conversion rate.

Shallow SMS Integrations

Shallow, limited integrations restrict your segmentation capabilities and make it complex (or impossible) to create custom events to drive automations. In addition, Attentive deploys generic copy for automation messages that doesn’t represent your brand or goals. Attentive also does not offer Click-to-Buy functionality, resulting in suboptimal conversion rates for Browse Abandoned and Abandoned Cart automations.

LiveRecover by Voyage
Human-in-the-Loop conversation

With LiveRecover by Voyage, you put a human-in-the-loop (HTL) that drives customer delight and net-new conversions for your brand. Our highly skilled team of agents are trained in your brand voice to drive sales through personalized upselling, cross-selling, and product education. And since it’s person-to-person (P2P) communication, your SMS reach is incrementally increased.

‍Find out how a popular online deals site grew revenue by combining A2P and P2P SMS.

Automated SMS

Application-to-person (A2P) communications dominate the Attentive platform. Attentive’s HTL offering is A2P in nature only, leaving up to 90% additional engagement coverage and possibly millions of dollars of incremental, non-cannibalistic revenue on the table.

Voyage compass
Voyage Compass SMS Planning

Voyage Compass strategic consulting services allow your brand to drive revenue and cultivate customer delight through smarter, optimized SMS. We start with a detailed project plan built around your specific goals. Then, our team of successful eCommerce founders and best-in-class technical product managers work with you to ensure maximized channel optimization.

Homogenous Onboarding

Attentive CSMs only cover the absolute basics when it comes to building an SMS program—generic Modals, welcome flows, and campaigns built for the masses instead of your specific brand and goals.


What it means for you.

Ultimately, we aim to be a partner in your success that’s focused on ongoing value creation instead of unsustainable value capture.

Advanced list growth capabilities result in:

Advanced retargeting and segmentation

On-brand, customized Modals translate to:

Higher opt-in rates and more revenue

Custom and compliant welcome messages mean:

Premium brand representation
Bon voyage

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