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Application-to-Person vs Person-to-Person SMS Marketing Scenarios
SMS Marketing 101

Application-to-Person vs Person-to-Person SMS Marketing Scenarios

 What are the best use cases for A2P and P2P SMS? We’ve charted that path thousands of times and in this post, we’re opening the captain’s log so you can take the shortcuts we’ve found along the way.

August 5, 2022

What’s the Difference Between A2P and P2P SMS and When to Use Each

Lopsided SMS strategy will tip your ship and sink your campaign. Knowing how and when to use A2P and P2P SMS strategies will balance your vessel, keep it afloat, and ensure you’re headed true North.

 What are the best use cases for A2P and P2P SMS? We’ve charted that path thousands of times and in this post, we’re opening the captain’s log so you can take the shortcuts we’ve found along the way.

What is A2P Messaging?

Application-to-Person (A2P) is any form of message traffic in which a person receives messages from an application rather than another individual. A2P SMS empowers brands to both single send and automate drip workflow text messages from a platform like Voyage SMS.
The Voyage SMS platform goes where other A2P SMS solutions can’t. The three core tenets of our best-in-class A2P Messaging solution are proven to deliver customer lifetime value (CLV). Here’s how great A2P works:

1. 🌱Start by scaling your SMS subscriber List

The name of the game is growth! Voyage empowers you to grow that SMS audience wherever your traffic lives. Our custom-designed modals align with your brand and are swiftly launched during onboarding. Social platforms? ✅We integrate with the apps where your consumers live, like Instagram, and offer unlimited segmentable keyword opt-ins, and enable opt-in at checkout.

2. 🤩 Drive revenue with versatile campaigns & automation

Getting subscribers to engage is all about creating delightful experiences. Whether you want to send a product launch campaign to your entire list or start a conversation with a customer who abandoned their cart, Voyage has your back! We empower you to segment your subscribers, enroll them in the right campaign, trigger multi-message automation, create frictionless buying experiences (with click-to-buy links), and move customers to the bottom of the funnel. Prefer to make that bottom-of-the-funnel sale with a Live Agent? Great – keep reading, there’s more on that down below!
Not sure where to start this journey? Voyage will help you with a predefined list of trigger events. Already know your path? Create your own fully-flexible SMS automation that convert.

3. 💪 Build customer relationships and focus on performance

Never stop learning about your customers! With the Voyage platform, you can deploy personalized micro-marketing at scale and track results to feel confident that you’re sending the right message to the right customer at the right time — with the right CTA. Maximizing your ROAS!

What is Person-to-Person (P2P) SMS?

Person-to-Person messaging (P2P) is when two or more people communicate over text messaging. P2P SMS must be sent by humans. When done right, P2P SMS is all about converting opportunities. LiveRecover by Voyage is texting that comes from live agents who deliver meaningful conversations that delight and drive eCommerce customers to action and advocacy.
When looking for a P2P SMS solution, it’s important to keep your standards high and these questions in mind:

1. 👑 Does my P2P solution create real-time, personalized brand experiences?

You’ll know when your customers feel like royalty because they’ll convert at scale. Making connections with live agents (aka your brand ambassadors) reduces support tickets, improves the customer experience, increases customer satisfaction, and drives engagement, which (you guessed it…) converts!

2. 🤝 Will my live agents know my brand and be great ambassadors to my customers?

The hub for your live agents starts with the Knowledge Base. LiveRecover by Voyage gives your live agents a single place to know how to talk to your customers, without intervention from your team

When you fill your Knowledge Base with product and company FAQs, live agents can easily relay company policy in brand voice – think: return policy or shipping questions, as well as deliver those intrinsic values – like the feel of a piece or how sizes will fit.


3. 🙋Which conversations should go to live agents?

With LiveRecover by Voyage, you can create and launch custom automated workflows for your live agents. Perhaps you only want your brand ambassadors to reach out to first-time customers, or focus their time on carts that have more than $100 in value.  

With workflows, LiveRecover gives you powerful segmentation tools that mean you can talk to specific customers and focus on the specific cart information that you know matter. These automated workflows guide the live agent with your goals and messaging along the path to conversion. 

Explore the Guide: When and How to Use Human-Powered SMS Conversations

4. 📊 Am I receiving insights that enable data-driven decisions?

The best P2P SMS solutions don’t just help you get in front of the right customers, they give you the data you need to help you get in front of the right customers with the right message at the right time, over and over again. That’s why LiveRecover not only tells you sales and conversion totals, we give you access to advanced conversation insights and conversion reports. 

With LiveRecover, you can dive into performance metrics by workflows and A/B tests, as well as product-specific performance and orders generated by our live agents. Access advanced conversation insights and conversion reports. Dive into performance metrics by Workflows and A/B Tests, as well as product-specific performance and orders generated by our live agents.

Don’t Be Fooled by P2P SMS Imitation

It’s no surprise that 74% of customers would rather interact with a person than a chatbot or automated text. 

Customers want to feel heard and get fast, personalized help. Customer service and cart abandonment are two critical areas where P2P SMS can be extremely influential and improve CLV. But it’s also where brands can harm the customer experience with imitation P2P messaging.
Chatbots, SMS bots, and so-called “concierge” offerings try to claim P2P messaging offerings, however, not only do these imitation tools miss the mark, they also generate unnecessary revenue risk.

Chatbots, SMS bots, and concierge offerings have lax compliance. Whereas LiveRecover’s P2P SMS adheres to strict compliance to protect your brand from tarnishing its name. Additionally, other SMS providers that use human-in-the-loop communications only connect with customers who have opted into A2P messaging. Even with established chatbots and imitation P2P, LiveRecover by Voyage can help with incremental coverage because of its full P2P compliance and capabilities.


💎 One LiveRecover by Voyage Client Recovered 6.4x More Abandoned Checkouts With P2P SMS  

In just six months with LiveRecover by Voyage, a popular online deals site saw:

  • 6.4x more abandoned checkouts recovered representing $289,000 in revenue
  • 89% Incremental Subscriber Growth
  • Of the revenue generated, only 11% of these were to existing subscribers

Adding P2P to your Existing A2P SMS for Powerful Personalized Customer Experiences

For many brands, your A2P SMS boat is already happily cruising. Whether you’re an existing Voyage SMS user or on another A2P SMS platform, LiveRecover P2P can be added to your messaging mix to help you deliver the best customer experiences with live agents. 


Explorer LiveRecover by Voyage P2P SMS for your text message strategy today.

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