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How to Use Product Data in Your SMS Strategy 
SMS Marketing Best Practices

How to Use Product Data in Your SMS Strategy 

Your SMS marketing shows alongside texts from your customer's family and friends. It is a highly effective and personal channel, meaning customers expect the right amount of personalization and effort. In this post, we’ll go over how you can specifically use product data to create that personalized experience for customers.

January 6, 2023

As a marketer, and a person who is advertised to, are you even disappointed by how “off” an ad is? Or on the other hand, the ad is SO spot on that you question if your phone is listening to you? As we covered in our How to Use Data to Personalize SMS blog, customers expect more than the “hi {{first name}}” and into a personalized and delightful experience for customers. In this post, we’ll go over how you can specifically use product data to create that personalized experience for customers. As well as a TLDR version of our general “how to use data to personalize” blog post, so it’s all in one place for you. 

TLDR: How to Use Data to Personalize SMS

Benefits of SMS Segmentation 

Personalize by Lifecycle Stages

Segmentation can be used to drive conversions and retention for lifecycle groups of SMS subscribers. The message you would love to receive as a new subscriber vs a loyal, longtime customer can look different. 

Acquire Stage

Here are some examples of segmentation groups in the acquire stage: 

  • Abandoned Cart - has added to cart, but did not place order
  • Checkout Abandoned - has started checkout but did not order
  • Inactive - date subscribed is greater than 90 days ago but has not placed an order
  • High Intent - viewed product in the past three days

Retain/Monetize/Reward Stage

  • VIP Customers - high lifetime order value
  • Recent Customers - has placed an order in the past 30 days
  • Repeat Buyers - lifetime orders are greater than or equal to two

Personalize By Segment Source

Where your customers subscribed can help you personalize your marketing messages. For example, if the customer used a podcast ad keyword to subscribe, you could target them with fan-tailored content for that specific podcast. 

How Do You Add Product Data to Make Your SMS Marketing Even Better? 

Connecting product data to your SMS strategy will help personalize your message and continue to grow your CLTV (customer lifetime value). 

Segmentation Based On Products 

You can learn a lot from your customers through the product they browse and purchase. I was recently shopping for a trip to Scotland and was shopping for some new (and not hideous-looking) hiking boots. After purchasing a pair from, I received an email from them asking if there was any other hiking gear I needed and if I was going on a specific excursion. In my opinion, this was a simple way to upsell, increase my customer lifetime value, and make me feel like Backcountry cares about me as a customer. 

The ability to micro-market through SMS takes the game to a whole new level. Add SMS’s personal feel and 98% open rates with all the feeling the Backcountry email gave me, and you’ve got one effective marketing strategy. 

Back-in-Stock & Low-in-Stock

Product availability messages are an incredibly effective way to capture revenue. Back-in-stock notifications can improve the customer experience, grow your marketing reach, and re-engage lost customers. Low-in-stock messages are the perfect nudge for your customer that had their eye on something, but didn’t purchase. 

These types of product availability messages see great results. For example, in the first 4 months of using Back-in-Stock notifications, Everything Kitchens sent over 3,000 back-in-stock messages that generated over $6,000 in revenue — and achieved 161x return on advertising spend (ROAS).

💡 Click here to view Everything Kitchens' SMS success stories. 

Use Product Data to Upsell and Cross-sell 

By using product data, you can enrich and personalize upsell and cross-selling efforts. Here are a couple of ways to do so: 

Customized Discount Codes 

A post-purchase follow-up SMS that combines personalization and a discount is a great way to get customers to return, especially first-time customers. Here are some SMS copy examples for inspiration: 

“Now that you have tried (and are hopefully loving) the {{type of tea}} you got, ready to try another flavor? We are giving you a limited-time 20% promo code for your next purchase.” 

“You’ve got great taste! {{The Cozy Sweater}} is the perfect fall staple. Still searching for more fall pieces? Here’s 20% off to help you build the perfect wardrobe.” 

Product Suggestions 

The customer has already decided to purchase one product from you, so suggesting a complementary product or a bundle is a perfect way to cross-sell and increase CLTV. For example, you could offer a limited-time discount for another product. You could send a tutorial video that highlights the product that was purchased, along with other products. Or you can utilize product data to suggest a product the customer looked at but did not purchase. 

Real-Time Answers to Product Questions 

You can take your product data beyond personalization when you add a human-in-the-loop (HTL). First Mate by Voyage allows you to loop in live agents to act as your Brand Ambassadors via SMS. With data from your products and integrations and your brand standards as a guide, Brand Ambassadors have the full context of the customer journey and engage your customers with delightful, human conversations. We’ve found that one of the best places to loop in a human is with abandoned checkouts. Your Brand Ambassadors can follow up with customers to find out why they didn’t purchase and answer any product questions in real-time. 

💡 Learn more about First Mate by Voyage here. 

SMS Needs Personalization 

Your SMS marketing shows alongside texts from your customer's family and friends. It is a highly effective and personal channel, meaning customers expect the right amount of personalization and effort. The Voyage SMS platform makes it easy to segment your subscriber list and utilize data to send hyper-targeted text messages. Voyage integrates deeply into your existing tech stack, giving you powerful segmentation capabilities that allow you to micro-market at scale based on customer attributes and event history. Your Voyage data, integrations, and custom events provide you with a multitude of ways to segment your SMS subscriber list.

Ready to start engaging your subscribers with care — at scale? Get a demo of Voyage today!
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