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Six SMS Campaigns You NEED to Run This BFCM
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Six SMS Campaigns You NEED to Run This BFCM

‘Tis the season to finalize your holiday marketing strategies. Need some inspo? Here are six SMS campaigns to check off your BFCM planning checklist.

August 31, 2022

SMS Campaigns to Check Off Your Black Friday Cyber Monday Planning Checklist

‘Tis the season to finalize your holiday marketing strategies. Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) capture consumer interest like nothing else. In 2021, Adobe estimated that consumers spent $33.9 billion between the two shopping holidays. 

Given the revenue that’s up for grabs, your Black Friday and subsequent Cyber Week SMS campaigns are critical to get right — which takes planning. The most successful brands are those who have intentionally and dutifully segmented and nurtured their audiences throughout the year.

Prepping for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Holiday Campaigns

Simply having the best deals, the most stock, or excellent customer support won't cut through the noise that is BFCM. SMS marketing is proven to be the vessel that always delivers. According to Gartner, SMS open and response rates are 98% and 45%, respectively, making it the most direct channel to promote your holiday campaigns to shoppers. 

Preparing your marketing and sales strategy early to include SMS ahead of the holiday hoopla is crucial. When prepping for holiday campaign deployment, consider these two things in addition to standard acquisition and segmentation optimization:

  1. Ensure your acquisition workflows are optimized and include SMS opt-in at check out. With Voyage’s eCommerce integrations, you can invite consumers to join your SMS messaging list at checkout. Using Custom Modals on your website, you can grow your SMS subscriber list throughout the entire customer journey funnel.
  1. Take the time to give yourself a BFCM compliance checkup. It’s not sexy, but nothing would be worse than to find out that your biggest win of the year came crashing down for running afoul of the FCC or CTIA. In short: get consent, be transparent, provide opt-outs, and comply with send window restrictions.

With all that out of the way, read on for our must-have BFCM campaigns for your holiday readiness plan and be best equipped to stand out from your competition this season.

Top 6 Mandatory Black Friday Cyber Monday Holiday SMS Campaigns

1. 🔺 Elevated Holiday Sale Campaigns

With SMS being the most personalized and direct channel to your customers, including it within your overall holiday sales strategies is a no-brainer. Start broad to announce the best of what you’ve got and get your customers excited. 

 Tell them about the sale early, and better yet, treat your SMS subscribers like VIPs and give them early access to the sale itself. When it comes time for the sale, go above and beyond so your customers have every reason to transact – include Click-to-Buy links for a frictionless buying experience.

2. 👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏿Follow-up Text Campaigns + SMS Segmenting for Non-Purchasers

Drive conversions with follow-up campaigns and robust segmentation. Voyage allows you to segment your subscriber list and create campaigns focused on subscriber attributes like first-time buyers and non-purchases. Create a follow-up campaign after an initial sales announcement that’s focused on non-purchasers and delight them into becoming first-time customers. 

Don’t miss out on subscribers that have yet to purchase. Segment your lists and identify groups of contacts who are non-purchasers — test out increasing engagement and conversion with this group through exclusive time-sensitive discounts, product imagery, or rave reviews on best-selling products.

If you have a loyalty program through partners like LoyaltyLion, target your text campaigns to both of these segments and invite them to join the family! Set up a seasonal automated SMS drip campaign that educates new or yet-to-purchase subscribers on the benefits of your loyalty program while offering exclusives if they join. 

3. 🎲 High-Roller Text Campaign Targeting Big Ticket Items

We all know that some customers will abandon ship – or carts. But don’t let the high-rollers looking at big-ticket items go easily. Set a campaign that goes beyond abandonment 101 and build a unique user experience for those likely to spend more. 

Voyage integrates deeply into your existing tech stack, giving you powerful segmentation capabilities that allow you to micro-market at scale based on customer attributes and event history. Your Voyage data, integrations, and custom events provide you with countless ways to segment your SMS subscriber list. 

Use abandon browse SMS automation to set up product-specific segments and target high inventory products or big-ticket items. Build a customer experience specific to what your subscribers are browsing to drive conversions with hyper-targeted text messages

4. 📈 Create New SMS Opt-in Channels for the Holiday Acquisition Boom  

The holiday season has some of the highest acquisition rates for SMS — don’t miss the boat and have all your channels covered! Create channel-specific campaigns with Voyage Deep Links to capture and retain subscribers from your social media audiences

In addition to building your SMS subscriber list, these campaigns will provide opportunities for social-exclusive opt-ins offers. And, because social sells, you’ll be able to utilize cross-channel promotion to ensure all eyes are on your sales rather than your competitor’s. 

5. 🎟️ VIP Early Access + Exclusive Waitlists

When the average American hears “Black Friday,” they envision rowdy crowds and long lines. Save your text subscribers the in-person BFCM insanity with exclusive waitlists and VIP early access opt-in.

Help your SMS subscribers snatch up the season’s hot items with waitlist opt-ins on your site. Voyage’s Back-in-Stock feature allows you to include an easy opt-in on product landing pages so subscribers can join the list to get notified when products drop. Build excitement around an exclusive release and give customers the ability to get alerts when items are back in stock. 

Voyage’s Back-in-Stock notifications have built-in batch sending, so messages are sent based on inventory levels to ensure subscribers don’t feel duped when an item sells out quickly. Combine text message waitlists with dynamic Click-to-Buy links in your alerts to ensure customers can checkout quickly.

6. 🎁 Expanded Keyword Acquisition Campaigns

Think outside the (gift) box and include SMS campaigns for non-traditional opt-in avenues.  Outside of website and digital acquisitions through your social and paid channels, harness exclusive Keyword campaigns for brick-and-mortar customers.

Are you having a special event, raffle, or collecting numbers for your loyalty program IRL? Capitalize on digital and physical touch-points with your customers and track CLTV with unique keyword campaign segments. Including online and offline keyword campaigns sets your brand up for a prosperous new year with hyper-targeted segmentation, sending the right message to the right customer every time.

The big guy in red 🎅 works all year round in preparation for the holiday season, and so should your SMS campaigns. Get your BFCM and holiday campaigns ready now to enjoy a successful season and beyond. 


Download Voyage’s BFCM Holiday Deep Dive Guide today.
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