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Magento SMS Integration for Deeper Customer Relationships
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Magento SMS Integration for Deeper Customer Relationships

Harness the power of Voyage SMS with your Magento platform for accelerated conversions and increased customer loyalty.

June 10, 2022

Take Customer Connections to the Next Level With Voyage’s Magento SMS Integration

Your Magento store holds a cave of customer data wonders, glittering with behavioral and purchase data points for building the most personalized SMS campaigns. With Voyage’s deep Magento SMS integration, you can develop customer relationships with ease.

Nurture deeper customer relationships with thoughtful, effective texts and workflows to delight your customers and subscribers. Harness the power of Voyage SMS with Magento for accelerated conversions and increased customer loyalty.

Drive Customer Engagement with Seamless Magento SMS Integration

Get your hands on Voyage’s best-in-class SMS marketing functionalities and make the most of your Magento data for personalized customer interactions. Our out-of-the-box SMS features help brands effortlessly grow subscriber lists, engage with contacts throughout their entire customer lifecycle, and provide access to actionable data to continuously improve your customer experiences.

Drive customer engagement with Voyage’s seamless integration with ease. With the Magento SMS integration you can look forward to:

  • Delivering the most personalized SMS campaigns with dynamic content 
  • Enriching your customer database with new subscribers through keyword, checkout, and modal acquisition opportunities
  • Deepening customer loyalty and lifetime value with curated custom workflows 
  • Crafting predefined transactional triggers and responses at specific customer touch-points for a complete customer lifecycle strategy
  • Importing your entire Magento catalog for product-focused campaigns and coordinating content

With Voyage’s robust SMS integration, automatically send messages to customers through the Voyage platform. Engage at every stage with synced Magento data. Create predefined transactional triggers based on customer actions, and automatically send notifications and updates to keep your customers updated on their latest engagement. 

Powerful Functionalities to Grow Customer Lifetime Value

Voyage is focused on helping brands using Magento create delightful, lasting relationships with their customers. Our feature-rich platform and services help you expand customer lifetime value and grow your loyal customer base with ease. Deepen your customer relationships with Voyage’s features including:

💡  Potent Customer Insights

Delight your customers and grow their lifetime value by using their data to deliver personalized messages at the optimal time. Knowing who your customers are and their buying behaviors will help you deliver more meaningful, relevant, and effective campaigns. 

Voyage gives you actionable insights with its intuitive dashboard and reporting tools. Keep track of how your SMS campaigns are performing, segment customers based on attributes and behaviors, and report effortlessly on campaign engagement metrics.

🛒  Synced Product Catalog

With a simple catalog import to your Voyage platform, develop product-focused SMS drip campaigns to nurture deeper customer connections with the most relevant content.

Quickly and automatically import your product catalog details into the Voyage platform for product-specific SMS drip campaigns with relevant content for segmented audiences. Tailor texts based on customer activities like cart abandonment, specific purchases, and coveted items.

⚡ Supercharged Voyage Features

With Voyage-exclusive dynamic features, including Click-to-Buy links that take subscribers directly to your checkout and Back-in-Stock notifications that automatically populate SMS opt-ins on your sold-out product pages and send restock alerts based on your store’s inventory levels, you can curate customer engagements to drive conversions and customer delight. 

Launch polished experiences with cross-channel campaigns, tailored to deliver more personalized brand interactions for your Magento customers.

Build Conversions with Data-Driven Customer Engagements 

Harness Magento customer events to engage in high-converting SMS campaigns with Voyage. Our deep integration lets you set up event triggers on your Magento storefront, sending texts when customers take action or backend events occur. Increase conversions with the following data-driven customer engagement single-send and drip campaigns.

🛍️ Order Confirmations, Cancellations, and Refunds

Keep your Magento customers in the know on their orders with Voyage’s SMS integration. Send transactional texts on the latest order status, including confirmations, cancellations, and refund updates.

📦 Shipment Notifications

With Voyage, your customers can track an item’s end-to-end journey with automated shipment notification texts. Send status updates for when an order has been packed, is out for delivery, or has been received.

🚨 Back-in-Stock and Waitlist Alerts

Delight your customers and boost conversions with back-in-stock and waitlist Voyage alerts. Set up triggered SMS notification opt-ins for hot items, letting your customers sign up for texts letting them know when their beloved favorites are back. 

🛒 Cart Abandonment

Re-engage with your customers that left abandoned carts behind with conversion-focused SMS campaigns. Send gentle reminders and passively urge conversions with thoughtfully time cart abandonment reminders through Voyage.

Why Magento Brands Choose Voyage

Magento brands benefit from Voyage’s additional platform integrations for customer service, email, payments, reviews, loyalty, and more. The Voyage API allows for easy, secure custom integrations, connecting your SMS platform with your specific databases for a powerful integration.

Don’t worry about navigating the SMS waters alone - Voyage Compass consulting services from our Magento experts help brands take on the SMS seas. 

  • Complete 360-degree digital marketing ecosystem audits
  • Managed service support for creating, executing, and optimizing marketing campaigns and automation
  • Guidance and extra hands-on-deck for SMS acquisition needs including list building, keyword development, segmentation setup
  • Experience experts in custom design and messaging for modals and campaigns
  • Developer services for Magento platform and custom events support and data architecture

Connect more deeply with your customers with the Voyage Magento SMS integration today. Get a demo of Voyage today to see everything the Magento SMS integration can do.
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